EUROZONE MUSIC is a truly independent Library Music and Publisher specializing in Eastern European music with huge selection of extensive music genres for all types of high quality productions at the highest technical and creative levels.

EUROZONE MUSIC catalog offers vast selection of music genres from all around the world and contribute unique variety of musical styles, capturing the moods and pulse of our times.


EUROZONE MUSIC is currently also available at and at
Due to our collaboration with Jaguarec our catalogue is distributed worldwide through Harvest Media.
EUROZONE MUSIC catalogue contains unique, previously unreleased music composed exclusively for EUROZONE MUSIC.

About us

EUROZONE MUSIC was founded on January 2nd 2014 as the first Polish independent music publishing company focused on promoting Polish music worldwide. Our DNA is cutting-edge originality. Our catalogue encompasses a wide range of music genres. Every single track in our music library was written specially for us. We cooperate both with upcoming young talents as well as with recognized and award-winning composers. We constantly search to discover new talents and this effort makes our library so unique. We believe that the Polish composers deserve attention and we are doing everything we can to make their music appear in films, TV shows, theatre productions, performing arts and commercials worldwide. EUROZONE MUSIC was founded by two experienced and recognized music professionals:

Krzysztof Barcik – music composer, guitarist and producer. A graduate from the University of Miami, Florida, and the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. He has written and recorded over 1000 music tracks that are widely used in films, television, advertising and interactive media worldwide . For more information please visit
Andrzej Milanowski – musician and composer, a graduate of musicology at UKSW University in Warsaw. He is experienced in selecting and using music in films, TV, theater productions and commercials. For over 25 years he has been advising Polish Public Broadcaster (TVP) as a music illustrator and consultant. He has created leading musical settings for the public broadcaster regional channels’ productions, including numerous front credits. He also creates musical  illustrations for the most popular Public Broadcaster’s TV series. He has been also cooperating with the Polish Television Theatre (a Polish cult TV program broadcasting theatre plays). He works with Poland’s top theatre directors such as Feliks Falk, Maciej Wojtyszko, Jan Englert, Andrzej Seweryn, Maciej Dutkiewicz, Adek Drabiński and others.

1 Jamaican girls // Andrzej Rayski
  1. 1 Jamaican girls // Andrzej Rayski
  2. 2 butterfly // Andrzej Rayski
  3. 3 bunny jump // Andrzej Rayski
  4. 4 Mountain goats // Andrzej Rayski
  5. 5 harvest dance // Andrzej Rayski
  6. 6 horizon // Andrzej Rayski
  7. 7 turkish dancers // Andrzej Rayski
  8. 8 Haymaking // Andrzej Rayski
  9. 9 chicken playground // Andrzej Rayski
  10. 10 Irish pride // Andrzej Rayski
  11. 11 camel market // Andrzej Rayski
  12. 12 eastern rivers // Andrzej Rayski
  13. 13 araku valley // Andrzej Rayski
  14. 14 rocky creek // Andrzej Rayski
  15. 15 Oak Hill // Andrzej Rayski
  16. 16 kuyavian dance // MIchał Kulenty
  17. 17 kuyavian piano dance // MIchał Kulenty
  18. 18 kuyavian clarinet dance // MIchał Kulenty
  19. 19 hills village // MIchał Kulenty
  20. 20 highland cottages // MIchał Kulenty
  21. 21 high tatras // MIchał Kulenty
  22. 22 tatra dancers // MIchał Kulenty
  23. 23 perpetushka // MIchał Kulenty
  24. 24 polish landscape // MIchał Kulenty
  25. 25 Ocarina // Michał Kulenty
  26. 26 Ocarina II // Michał Kulenty